Body & Hand, Spa Bars (Salt), Facial Bars

Indulge yourself in rich creamy lather, fluffy bubbles, and skin loving additives while getting squeaky clean.

Body & Hand Soaps

It's time to dump your old boring commercial soaps.

Spa Bars (Salt Soaps)

Treat yourself with a spa like experience with our luxurious Spa Bars. 


No fragrance, just SOAP.

Our Key Ingredients & Why We Use Them

As you browse our line of products you will notice we use some main key ingredients as the base of our soap recipes. These ingredients were chosen for their excellent properties to produce a high-quality bar. In addition to these fabulous ingredients we craft specialty bars with extra additives to offer luxurious soaps for you to treat yourself with.

White Kaolin Clay

Adds slip for a smooth glide across your skin.

Palm Oil

Contributes to the hardness and creates big fluffy lather when paired with coconut oil.

Olive Oil

Provides great moisturizing qualities.

Cocoa Butter

Adds excellent skin conditioning properties.


Produces a luxurious creamy lather.

Castor Oil

Creates a stable lather and adds moisturizing qualities to the soap.

Coconut Oil

Our top choice oil for cleansing.

Colloidal Oatmeal

Fine ground oats that add a soothing feeling to your skin.

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