What Are Wax Melts and How To Use Them

Do you love for your home or office to smell fresh and inviting? Of course we all do. Most of us achieve this by using candles or scented plugins, but there's another cheaper way to make your spaces smell fantastic, wax melts.

What are Wax Melts?

Wax Melts are wickless cubes or shaped wax scented with fragrance oils that are melted in a wax warmer to release fragrance into the air of your space. Typically wax melts are sold at the same places you buy your favorite candles from and can come in a variety of scents, such as strawberry, lemon pound cake, tropical, and many, many more. There are endless possibilities when it comes to scent and wax melts.

So How Do You Use Wax Melts?

Using wax melts to fill your spaces with fragrance is super easy. Once you have purchased a wax melt (or a few if you love them as much as we do) you simply break off a piece of the wax if it comes in cubes, or insert a shape if they are offered in single shapes and place it into your wax warmer. Make sure your wax warmer is turned on and allow the wax to melt, that's it. As the wax heats up and melts it will release your favorite scents into the air making your home or offce smell, clean, and inviting.

Wax melts are one of the simplest, cheapest, and safest ways to transform your space with fragrance and they can be found virtually anywhere. Wax melts are also a great item to buy when you want to try a new home fragrance company without a big investment.

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We love sharing our favorite scents with our friends and family. What are some of your favorite scents that you love to fill your home with? We'd love to hear what you like. Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite.


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