How to get the BEST experience out of your candles this Holiday Season.

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The Holidays are here and this time of year is the time we all love burning candles the most, but how do you get the best experience out of your candles this Holiday Season?

By following these easy simple tips you will get

  • - better scent throw

  • - a cleaner burn

  • - a longer lasting candle

Tip #1 -

If you are burning a candle for the first time it is always best to let the candle burn until a full melt pool is formed. In simple terms let the candle burn until the wax is melted fully to the edge of the container. This allows the candle to burn evenly all the way to the bottom every time it is lit.

Tip #2 -

Trim the wick before every burn to 1/4 inch. A properly trimmed wick will not soot or produce smoke. Not trimming a wick before each burn will cause your flame to become too big, which can increase the risk of fire and/or the risk for your container to possibly crack allowing melted wax to spill and damage whatever surface your candle is sitting on.

Tip #3 -

DO NOT burn your candle for more than 3 to 4 hours at one time. Burning a candle for more than 3 to 4 hours ties back to proper wick care which will allow the wick and flame to become too long and too big.

Tip #4 -

Keep your candle away from drafts and air flow. Drafts and air flow will cause the flame of the candle to dance around and burn unevenly, which can also produce a bigger flame than is needed. Excessive drafts or air flow will also increase the possibility of your candle to produce soot.

Tip #5 -

Keep your candle free from debris and wick trimmings. Keeping a clean wax pool will decrease your risk of fire.

Following these easy tips during this Holiday Season and year round will keep your candles burning and smelling better.

If candles are not for you and you still want to make your home or office smell great you can choose a flameless option like wax melts. Wax Melts

are a wickless and flameless scented wax that is melted in a wax warmer to release fragrance into the air.

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