How Long Do Wax Melts Last?

Updated: Jan 23

If you love to make your home or office smell nice then you probably use multiple products to get the job done. One of the most popular and inexpensive options are wax melts. Wax melts can range in size, shape, and scent strength. They are also a great option if you have pets or children and do not want to use a flame to achieve a great smelling space.

One question we are always asked about our wax melts as a handcrafted home fragrance company is. How long does/will it last? There's no one set answer to give for this question because several different factors can cause wax melts to perform differently in different environments. After reading this article you will gain more knowledge on the factors that can effect your wax melt's scent life and scent strength.

Let's talk about some of the different factors that can effect how long your wax melts will last.

The number one factor is what type of warmer you are using to melt your wax melts. Not all wax warmers are created equal. Some warmers use a higher wattage that will cause your melter to burn hotter and some use a lower wattage that will cause you melter to burn cooler.

This is the number one thing that you will notice that makes a big difference in your wax melting experience. If you have a wax warmer that is known as a "2-in-1" warmer or a "hot plate" warmer that is made with a removable dish to melt wax melts or candles typically will have a higher wattage and will burn hotter. The hotter the wax is melted the more fragrance will be released. This will allow you to smell the scent faster, but not necessarily longer. The hotter the burn the faster the fragrance oil in your wax will burn off.

Another option for a wax melt warmer may be a night light warmer that may plug into an electrical outlet. Typically these are used in bathrooms. They will melt the wax cooler, which may take longer for you to smell your scent. Therefore using a cooler wax warmer your wax melt will last longer because the heat is not as hot and burning the scent off faster.

Both types of warmers are made to do the job of melting wax, but you must know which job you want the warmer to do to get the best results. Lower heat melters are best when used in smaller rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Higher heat melters will work better for bigger rooms and rooms that are more open like and open kitchen/living room.

So we now know that a hotter melter will give off more scent, but will not last as long and a lower heat melter will last longer but the scent may not be as strong or fill up bigger spaces.

Another factor that will effect how long your wax melts will last is how much fragrance oil is in your wax melts and how strong the scent is. Different waxes hold different amounts of fragrance oils. This can range anywhere as low as 5% to 12%. If the wax your wax melts are made from are made to hold a smaller amount of fragrance oil the faster it ill burn off. If the wax is made to hold more fragrance oil then typically the longer your scent will last. Once you factor in the amount of fragrance oil with the type of warmer you use to melt your wax, this will give you different results as well.

By now you may have more questions than the original question of How long do wax melts last and that's okay. It's all trial and error, by testing different wax melt companies with different wax melt warmers until you find a company that works best for you with the wax warmers you are melting with.

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