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bayberry scented wax melts

Bayberry Woods Scented Wax Melts

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Earthy bayberries, rhubarb, subtle amber, and silver oak will make your house smell like a home this fall season when you melt our Bayberry Woods Scented Wax Melts. Highly fragrant and long-lasting each wax cube releases the magical scents of fall.

Scent - Earthy bayberries, rhubarb, subtle amber, and silver oak.

 Container - 2.5 oz Clamshell with 6 break apart scented wax cubes.

 Scent strength will vary depending on the type of warmer used. "Bulb Warmers" will tend to release a softer scent strength whereas a "Hot Plate Warmer" or "2-IN-1 Warmer" will release a stronger scent. We recommend starting with one Wax Melt Cube to begin. For a strong scent use two Wax Melt Cubes.