How to clean your wax melt warmer.

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How to clean your wax melt warmer.

We all love using wax warmers to fill our homes or offices with our favorite scents, but cleaning out our wax warmers can be a pain and a mess. So how do you clean a wax warmer without the mess and hassle? Here are two methods from Country Charm Candle Company to make your wax warmer clean up easier.


The Cotton Ball

After all of your favorite scent has burnt off take a cotton ball and place it into the melted wax. The cotton ball will absorb the melted wax. Ta-da! Keep adding cotton balls to the melted wax until all the wax is absorbed into the cotton ball. Once the majority of the wax is absorbed into the cotton ball carefully remove the cotton balls and toss them into the trash. ( Be careful when removing the cotton balls the wax will still be hot! ) This method works great for night light warmers and warmers that do not have a removable dish.

Freeze It 

If your wax warmer has a removable dish the freeze it method is another way to make your wax warmer clean up easier. Allow your melted wax to cool completely. Once the wax has hardened simply remove the dish and pop it into the freezer for about thirty minutes. After thirty minutes has passed, remove the dish, holding the dish upside down over your trash can tap the bottom to release the wax. If the wax does not release you can stick it back into the freezer for another thirty minutes ( the longer the wax freezes the easier it will release ). Or you can run a butter knife or skewer around the edges of the wax to help with the wax release.

Using one or both methods will surely make your wax warmer clean up easier and will allow you to burn and enjoy more of your favorite scents from Country Charm Candle Company.

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