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Just a little bit about us.

Country Charm Candle Company is a local business that was founded in 2019 to provide quality handcrafted products to the local Southwestern Virginia Community and surrounding areas.


It all started with our love of candles and wax melts, however we were finding that the majority of mass produced home fragrance products were leaving us feeling disappointed. Have you ever purchased a candle or wax melt, rushed home to melt it, and once it was melting there was little to no smell at all? If you answered yes, you are the reason we created Country Charm Candle Company. We have set out to offer the best scented, highly fragrant, long lasting candles and wax melts that you can spend your hard earned money on and enjoy with confidence that when you use our products you will not be disappointed.


We enjoy crafting uniquely scented and designed handcrafted products that we are proud to offer from our Country Charm Candle Company family to yours, with lots of love and careful attention put into each item to ensure the best quality that we can provide. 


We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Country Charm Candles and Wax Melts
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